Friday, 21 June 2013

SDFT Injury update!

Hey Pals....
Just thought me would let you all know how me has been getting on with my leg.

Me was doing super well until a few weeks ago when me had a close call coz me did a dare devil stunt & jumped onto the back of the sofa (which is turned round to stop me getting on) Me did jump higher than me ever has before with no run up & me did pull my leg :( Mum rang my Surgeon & he did say me should have some tissue repair & that it should settle again just adding another 7 days to my recovery ;( ...least me didn't reluxate it again coz me was dreading yet another operashun!!!

Me finally got rid of the cone of shame but my rotten allergies flared up as soon as it was off & me did start scratching my face again causing me to get an ear infecshun :( :( :( The Vet man gave me some magic eardrops & me is feeling much better now!

My leg is now better according to Me but according to the Hoomans me still has a good few weeks of resting & taking it easy to go ;( #Phooey

Me needs to start building some strength back up in my leg now after 2 months of rest but coz me is sooooooo excited to finally see further than the front gate me do pull like a cart horse on the lead which Hoomans say is no good as me could hurt my leg again.  

Me has a Halti, a Gentle leader & a Canny Collar (me will be writing a separate post about these gadgets at some point) they don't work for me as me has worked out how to get round each one in different way coz me is a super clever woofer!!! :D They also not good for my face coz me has wrong shape face for them really & when my face is sore they add to the problem by rubbing my sores :(

Mum spotted a brand new gadget called the Thunderleash from the makers of Thundershirt & as it fits around the chest instead of the face she decided to order one for me.... they offer a money back guarantee so it's got to be worth a try!!! Me will be testing it as soon as it arrives from the U.S.A & me will let you all know how it goes! #PawsCrossed it will work so me can start going on decent & calm walks over the next few months meaning me can get my leg in tip top condition & be a step closer to my perfect self again ;)

In other news me has opened a new Poll which me would like you all to vote can find it at the top of the Home Page :)

Chow for now!
Bronse x 

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