Friday, 28 February 2014

SDFT Injury Update ..... 1 year on!

Soooooooo it's just one month shy of being a whole year since me had my first go off the lead, played with my pal Gunner & sadly tore my Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon Lateral  Retinaculum or SDFT for short & this made my leg pop in & out at the joint as the tendon holds the bone in place!  :'( (For details of this injury wotch this video SDFT & check out my previous blog posts)

This be on the day me had the accident :'(
This is the spot where they opened me up to get to find out if the tendon had as the tendon couldn't be seen on an X-ray - this also means recovery is guess werk...without opening my leg back up you just don't know if its healed or not :/

Me with my casts & cone :(

It's been a lonnnnnnnngggggggg year of very boring recovery, sleeping downstairs for the hoomans, no stairs at all for me, no running, jumping, pulling or harsh walks and wearing the dreaded #ConeOfShame for yonks... a year of hell for all of us :(

Me spent all Summer longing to be out messing about in the garden :'(

Let me out....PLEASE!!!

The hard part began once me had my cast removed as there was no support to my leg & me thought me was all better, meaning the hoomans had a super hard time keeping me resting & calm 24/7!!!

My leg once me had the cast taken off

Me has only been allowed back upstairs in the last few months & the barricades from the sofas & my fave sofa arm have finally been moved :) #Yipeeeee

Fave seat in the house :D

Me is still on the lead at all times outside the house, this includes for every toilet trip ... even in my own garden.

My leg seems to be healed up nicely but tendons don't heal like broken bones & they are prone to tearing & reluxating so we are not risking having me chase a cat in the garden & it happening all over hoomans could not go through that ever again!

Me has a scar on my leg where me had my surgery & also a scar at the front where my splint was wrongly placed during a cast change ;(  Me also STILL has that rotten diamond shape shaved on my butt which for some reason my fur is not growing back there! #Wude

Diamond Butt ;(

Me would not wish this injury on even my worst enemy as we have all found it VERY stressful.... me can't thank my Twitter chums enuff for all the well wishes & support they have given me & the hoomans.... you all really helped us to plod on forwards :)

The injury me had is rare (usually seen in horses not dogs) & therefore reading up about it or finding anyone else who had gone through the same was near impossible, although my speshulist was fab we have had conflicting recovery periods, do's & don't from various Vets so we have always opted for the most cautious recovery as we seriously never want it to happen again....if me had been a small woofer or a less active woofer then maybe it would of been much easier but we never could of imagined what stress, worry & trouble one tiny little tendon could cause.....the hoomans say they will always be worrying every single time me runs, slides, jumps or turn sharply :(

Me had 2 operayshuns for the injury as me reluxated it a week after my 1st op coz me jumped on sofa & as they hadn't put a splint on the 1st time it just snapped again :/....My advice to anyone unfortunate enuff to get this injury would be to make sure it is splinted & possibly even pinned with a frame right from the word go!!!

The only good thing about wearing a cast & a cone was me couldn't scratch my face so it had time to heal up! (Allergies - another one of life's miserable struggles me is dealing with!)

Sooooooo now me is doing really well, getting up to mischief and having decent walks & losing some of the weight me piled on due to no exercise for months :D 

Me has my #PawsCrossed that by the Summer me will be allowed to go off the lead in the garden & do some pelting about :)

Chow for now! :P
Bronse x x x

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