Wednesday, 15 May 2013

SDFT Recovery 

Hey there pals!

Me thought me would update you a bit with whats happening with my poorly leg....
So me had to have a 2nd operashun on my ankle coz me did kick up after pooping & this ruptured my ankle again ;(  Me did have to spend the night again but me now has a fan club at Northwest Surgeons so me got lots of attenshun :)

Me did have the operashun & this time me got a splint & blue cast on my leg!

Me came home the next afternoon & was supposed to have a cast & splint change every 7 days but me being me needed one sooner!!!  Me went to my own Vets & had to be sedated coz there is no chance me do be able to stay still & calm enuff for them to do it without :(  Hoomans had quite a hard time just getting me to the car & into the Vets because me was super excited with 5 days worth of energy stored up!  Me was allowed to come home the same afternoon & me had a super stylish cow print cast on to replace my blue one :)  Mum said it looked like a Dalmashuns leg :D

Me has managed to find a way to reach my cast now when me is standing up,sitting down & lying down even with the biggest size con available & even though me is under 24/7 watch from the Hoomans, me still manage to get a sneaky quick chew of it in every once in a while meaning there is no way me can be left alone for even a few minutes :(

Mum has been searching the Internet for solutions to this problem but gadgets such as the comfy cone & inflatable cones will not work for me as me has super long legs & me is fantastically flexible & determined!  Mum says me may have to wear a basket type muzzle with a lick guard on the end as nothing else seems to work :(  Me and my Twitter pal Ronnie came up with the genius idea of a #ConeOfBones aka #BoneCone whereby milky bones are hung from the cone on strings like an Australian hat :D 

The Cow print cast only lasted a few days coz it was rubbing my leg & making it sore so me went for another sedation & cast change & ended up with a Leopard Print cast :D  Me was super drowsy so got to have some cone free time :)

This cast was much better & me was walking nicely on it but needed another new one yesterday so they could take my stitches out & check on my sores ... Me had yet another sedation & came out wearing a cool Camouflage Print cast :) :) :) 

So thats it up to today & its all been very boring just keeping calm & having the Hoomans watch me 24/7 ;(  Me hasn't been able to do any good stuff like steal tea towels or socks & me fed up of rest,rest & more rest & hearing the words #NoBronsonNo ;(  The Hoomans say its been a very stressful & difficult time & they have had to watch me like hawks seen as though nothing stops me reaching my cast ( #ContortionistBronson ).  We have all been camping in the living room & they have even turned the sofas round as isn't allowed on them & putting stuff on them wasn't going to stop me jumping on um :D

On Tuesday next week me is going back to see my Surgeon at the Specialists so he can check on my progress & maybe decide if me can increase the amount of time me can have walking about :)

Me will let you all know how me does get on :) 

Chow for now!Bronse x 


  1. Dear Bronson,
    Hope you have a speedy recovery! It must be so frustrating to have to remain so still. It will be worth the wait, my friend!
    xoxo AbbyDawgBlog