Saturday, 27 April 2013

Update on my leg injury 

As some of my pals may know me did injury my leg whilst me was off my lead for the 1st time :(

Me will tell you about what happened in the week following that injury & how me is shaping up now just under 2 weeks later!

So me went to the Vets and they did suspect me had just sprained my leg as me was still putting weight on it in between hops, so me was given an injecshun of Metacam & given some Metacam tablets to take home for the pain. Unfortunately the Metacam didn't agree with me & me had blood in my poop :/ Mum was put on poop watch & Dad went to collect some different pain killers from the Vets.  By the next evening my poop was normal again & Hoomans were so happy as it was very worrying not to mention unpleasant doing extreme poop watch!  Me was glad me could do my business in private too :D

After a couple of days resting it was clear my leg was swelling more & me was using it less so me was booked in for X-rays at my Vets & as me also has a lump in my ear the Vet said they would take a sample of that whilst me was under sedation.

 Here are my right one is swollen right up :(

Me was dropped off in the morning & home by tea time & the Vet said he was going to send X-rays to a specialists coz although he couldn't spot anything broken or torn he suspected something wasn't quite right.

By Monday me was getting booked in for appointment at the specialists as he did think it was torn somewhere in my ankle :(

Me & hoomans went to specialists super early on Tuesday morning & me did be weally good whilst the specialist did feel my leg trying to see if it popped out of place, Mum & Dad mentioned they heard a popping sound just before me started hopping after putting weight on the leg but that they couldn't tell if the sound was coming from my leg or if me was making it with my mouth!  He took me to meet another surgeon to have a quick check look at me & he did hear it pop too so said me would need an operashun as me had damaged my Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon :(   (here is a link to a site that explains much better than me can! - but be warned don't watch the videos if you are squeamish! - )

Me hadn't had any food the night before in case me needed surgery so me was booked in that morning & hoomans had to leave me there on my own :( Me wasn't bothered though as me was loving all the new smells & people to bug :D  
By the afternoon me had a repair on my medial retinaculum done & specialist did say me was allowed home the following morning if me did have a good night.

Hoomans were allowed to bring me home the next morning :)

Me in the car with the dreaded cone of shame ;(

Me is now under strict instrucshuns not to jump,walk anywhere off the lead,climb on sofas or go upstairs #SpoilSports :( For those who know me you will know that this is going to be super difficult as me is always on the move & up to no good & to make it worse me has to wear a stoopid cone of shame round my bonce to stop me licking my leg ;( Me has shaved spots on my neck,front leg,back leg & me even has a diamond shaved on my bum! #Wude

My leg & diamond bum :D

Me had a good evening & did eat some food, do my business & me is bright eyed this morning but cheesed off with the cone! Mum is looking into getting an inflatable buster collar as me is supposed to wear a cone for a long time & me keep getting stuck in doorway & on table etc :(

Hopefully if me can keep calm long enuff for my leg to heal well me should be as good as new in a few months :)

So all me has to do now is visit my Vets for round 4 of my immunotherapy injeshuns next Friday where me can see if my stitches are OK to be taken out at the same time & then me has to go back to specialists in 4 weeks for a check up on my leg & hopefully will be able to start increasing my activity! In the meantime me will be mostly doing this......



Me & my hoomans would like to thank everyone at Northwest Surgeons for taking care of me, espeshully my super surgeon Ben Keeley BVM&S CertSAS DipECVS MRCVS, European and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Surgery (Orthopaedics)  :) What a clever, pawsome hooman & quite handsome to boot! ... not as handsome as me of course ;)

Chow for now!

Bronse x 

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