Thursday, 18 April 2013

Meeting my new pal & another stroke of rotten luck!

Woof! Woof!

So yesterday my Dad's friend did ring up & ask if him & me wanted to meet up at a local park - Towneley Hall -

Due to the fact me suffered from pesky mites for so long missed out on all the stuff normal pups get to do such as meeting other woofers & playing with them :(  Me wasn't allowed near other woofers as me was super contagious so me never got to learn proper manners etc!

The little bits wot me did learn were from puppy playgroup when me was tiny & me not mixed with woofers since then & me is a big boy now & get a bit over excited when me do see other woofers on my walks :/

Mum said this would be a good opportunity for me to learn some new skills & also make a new pal! 

The plan was for me & Dad to walk from our house to the park & meet them there....this way me would be a bit tired by the time we got there so less likely to jump around like a lunatic :D

Me did meet up with my new pal Gunner, and me did love him right away :)  Me was a bit silly at first but after we both had a good sniff of each other we did walk nicely round the grounds of the hall.  Dads mate even brought his little girl along for the walk & me was super well behaved with her me didn't jump up at all so Dad phoned Mum and asked if me was allowed off the lead on the big field!?!  Mum reluctantly said yes & that's when the real fun began!

Me did play on the field with Gunner for ages & we did play so nicely together & me enjoyed showing Dad how fast me could run off the lead & me did really tire myself out :D  Then disaster struck!  Me did have some sort of collision with me pal Gunner & me hurt my leg :(

Me started limping so Dads mate did bring me home in the car...The Vet did say to rest & me has to go & see um if it gets worse :(  Me managed to get upstairs & jump in & out of the bath & made it back downstairs fine but me was still limping so Mum made me go to bed some rest!

Such rotten luck & a shame coz Dad says me did a good job & that me was much better behaved than he thought me was going to be!

As soon as my leg be better me is going to meet up with my new pal Gunner again coz we both did have a weally good time!

Chow for now!
Bronse x

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