Saturday, 13 April 2013

Never 2 early for mayhem :D Bol!


Me didn't fancy letting the hoomans have a weekend snooze in, so me has just got my day off to a great start by stealing one of Dad's slippers which resulted in me getting a great chase round the house :D

*** For those who haven't been following me on Twitter me does love annoying my Dad - he's soooo much easier to wind up than Mum! ***

The pranks didn't stop there, oh no way! Me wolfed down my grub and went outside to do my business, me was on my way back inside when me started sniffing around the drain cover which Dad covered a while ago with an old dish of mine coz it does be broken & dangerous (Yup! Dad is soooo good at fixing stuff) Anyways, me was having a weal good sniff, pushing the dish around with my snout when me managed to flipped it right over.  Dad saw me grab summat from under the dish & me did run off super fast.  Dad screamed like a big girl & yelled to Mum "He's got a mouse!", Mum shouted back "He's ruddy allergic to mice, is it alive?" Dad did start chasing me round again (for the 2nd time in an hour).

Mum being the clever clogs she is did just get a slice of honey roast ham out of the fridge & wave it around which made me instantly drop the "mouse" and come running inside to eat the ham, meanwhile Dad did run over to catch the "mouse" be it dead or alive, he was panicking as he looked down at the ground and then me heard him shouting lots of wude words and then he yelled to Mum "That little ship! It's only a f***ing stone!"

Bol! Bol! Bol! Bol! Me is quite simply nothing short of a genius as me managed to get a chase & a slice of the expensive honey roast ham just for picking up a simple stone!!! My Dad weally needs his eyesight testing, a mouse, bahahaha :D

Anyhoo Me needs a power nap now to get some energy to annoy Dad again later so me will have to say chow for now.

Bronse aka Little Ship ;)

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